Biden claims ‘memory is fine’ after averting charges over classified documents


Joe Biden has reacted angrily to an investigation about how he stored and kept classified documents, which means he will not be prosecuted.

The US president first expressed satisfaction with a commission’s decision that he should not face charges over keeping classified documents at home, emphasising his full cooperation and lack of obstruction with the investigation. 

Special Counsel Robert Hur cited Biden’s cooperation and the difficulty of securing a conviction, considering Biden’s advanced age and purported memory issues, as reasons for not pursuing criminal charges.

The report highlighted Biden’s documented memory lapses, such as his inability to recall certain significant events, including his time as vice president and the death of his son Beau. 

Biden angrily criticised the special counsel for probing into personal matters like his son’s death, deeming it inappropriate.

“My memory is fine,” he said in a surprise news briefing on Thursday evening. 

He slammed a claim that he could not recollect when his son died, saying: “How the hell dare he raise that?”

In contrast to former President Donald Trump’s case, the commission underscored Biden’s willingness to cooperate fully, promptly providing the requested documents upon discovery. 

Trump, on the other hand, had impeded investigations with various obstacles during his presidency.

He is set to face trial on accusations of keeping classified documents at his Florida estate and obstructing government attempts to retrieve them.

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